Christopher C. Beier is from Ann Arbor, MI, and after attending Denison University, a small liberal arts school in Ohio, he transferred to NYU as a Drama student in spring of 2005. Chris has studied at the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute and is now currently a student at Playwrights Horizons Theater School. He has also studied in NYU's Dramatic Writing department with a concentration in Television and Screenwriting. Having written numerous Screenplays, Sitcoms, and One-Acts, Proof by Disproof is Chris’s first full-length play.

A word from the playwright:

I started writing Proof by Disproof in February of 2006, however the idea of this play came to me in fall of 2005. It seemed that all of a sudden, friends that I had known from high school and college were quickly getting married. I felt that at this age in life, everything is so full of self-discovery and revelation that to commit all of yourself to another human being while you are still so rapidly changing, might be dangerous and risky.

I wanted to write a play that challenged these ideas of destiny and “meant to be,” and completely went against the expectations of people entering the theatre. A play that did not contain the stereotypical happy nor tragic ending, and confronted the idea of “doubt” in a more mathematical, heady manner. Of course, I understand that every playwright attempts to write plays that go against the grain of society, and are rarely successful. Knowing this, every time I sat down at my computer, all I would concentrate on doing was writing the most human story possible. Forget a message, forget commenting on society; all those things will come naturally if the story about these people is human and universal, and I can only hope it is.

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